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3 Things That Can Keep Your Garage Door From Opening And The Repairs That Might Be Necessary

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It's frustrating when you pull into your driveway after a long day at work and your garage door won't open. However, it could be worse if it happens in the morning and your car is stuck in the garage and you can't get to work. It's never a good thing to have a garage door that won't work, so you'll need to call a garage door repair service for help. Here are three things that can keep your garage door from operating properly.

1. The Garage Door Track Is Bad

There's a track on each side of the garage door. The rollers on the door slide up and down the track. If the track has debris in it, the door may start to go up or down and then reverse. If the track is loose from the wall, the door may get stuck and not go up. It's even possible for a garage door to jump out of a track, so this is a problem that needs to be repaired for safety reasons.

The garage door repair service might clean the track or tighten the screws. If necessary, the entire track and roller system can be replaced. A sign there's trouble with the track is a loud noise when the door tries to glide up and down it. If you hear a loud noise or see the track shaking or vibrating, call the garage door repair service before your car gets stuck outside or inside the garage when the door won't open.

2. The Garage Door Spring Broke

A broken spring is a common garage door problem. The solution for this situation is to have a professional put a new spring on. When a garage door spring breaks, the door won't open any longer. You may have to disconnect the door and operate it manually if you can.

A broken garage door spring can be a serious problem, so you'll want to have repairs done as soon as possible. The professional has to take out the old spring, put in a new one, and then turn the new spring until it has just the right tension.

3. A Garage Door Cable Is Bad

A cable is what pulls your garage door up. If a cable is bad or broken, your door may get stuck in place and not open. A bad cable is a serious matter since it's not advisable to lift a garage door manually when a cable has snapped. If you do so, the other cable might snap also as you're raising the door due to the increased strain.

The best thing to do is leave your garage door alone and call a garage door repair service. Some take emergency calls and can come to your home quickly to make the repairs. For more information on garage door repair, contact a professional near you.