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Choosing A Garage Door For Your Attached Or Detached Garage Or Shop

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A garage door for your garage or shop needs to fit correctly and be aesthetically appropriate for the home. Choosing the door for your garage often requires some thought and a trip to the garage door service in your area to look over the models available. 

Door Styles

When considering garage doors for your home, you may want a style that compliments the rest of the house. Selecting something that blends in with the front door and trim work is an excellent option, and if you want something that looks old or classic, there are some styles that mimic that old style while using modern construction for reliability.

Doors that are verticle opening but look like they open sideways, like old carriage house doors, can be great for a restored historic home. You will also need to decide if you want to use vinyl-clad aluminum or wood doors on your garage. Consider doors made from wood or aluminum doors that have wood panels on the outside to save weight and still look authentic.

You may also want to discuss window options if you like the look of glass in the doors. Using shatter-resistant polyethylene material that adds durability and can keep intruders out is often a better option than glass. Polyurethane is also lighter and less prone to scratches, and it can be tinted to reduce heat gain from the sun inside the garage.

Door Sizes

Most garage doors come in several standard sizes, but there can be variations in which door size your garage uses. If you had the garage custom-built to accommodate a larger door, you need to let the garage door service know that so they can determine if they need to order a custom door to fit the building.

A larger-than-standard door may also require a heavier door opener, so you may need to consider some commercial options. The openers are commonly used on large doors because the motors use a gear system to reduce strain when opening or closing heavier doors. 

Most garage door service companies can install heavy-duty door openers and oversize doors for you. Although, it may take a little longer to get all the components, and the installation process may not happen in a single day. Talk with the service provider in your area, and they can go over all the details, the costs involved, and what is necessary to ensure your new door is installed and performing properly when they install it.

If the door company orders a custom door for you, they will often have it shipped to their shop, then call to set up an installation time once it arrives.  

For more information about garage door services, contact a local company.