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What To Do If Your Garage Door Stops Working

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If you have a garage you use to park your car in or store things like bicycles and garden tools in, it is vital that you can easily access it. If the garage door stops working, you may need to have a garage door repair company like Edgemont Garage Door Service diagnose the issue and fix the door for you. 

Door Inspections

If you are having trouble with your garage door operating correctly, there are a few things that could be causing it to act up. The first step is to have a garage door repair company come and look at the door to determine what is wrong. 

The garage door repair tech working on the door will check the tracks, springs, roller, and door opener to see if something affects the movement of the door. In some cases, the repair is straightforward, but other times it may take time to determine the problem and make the necessary garage door repair for you. 

Once the inspection is complete, the tech will be able to tell you what is wrong and how much it will cost to repair it. The tech will typically give you a time frame, but you can ask if they don't offer it upfront. The tech can do most repairs in a few hours on modern garage doors. 

Track and Roller Adjustments

One of the most common garage door repairs involves realigning the tracks on the building and adjusting the rollers. Any shifting of the garage can cause the tracks' alignment to shift as well, causing the garage door to bind in the track. 

The garage door repair tech can loosen the bolts that secure the track and move it until it is square again, then tighten the fasteners back up so that the tracks stay where they need to be. Sometimes shifting the tracks is not enough and the door rollers and brackets need to move as well. 

All of the hardware on the door is designed to allow for these adjustments, so the tech can make the changes quickly in most cases. They do not even need to remove anything from the original mount. 

Panel Damage

If the panels used on your garage door are damaged, they can bind in the tracks and cause the door not to operate. Replacing the panels on most modern garage doors is easy if they are still available. The garage door repair tech will have to look at your door and then see if they have the panels in stock or order them for you. 

Once the garage door repair company gets the panels, the tech can take out the damaged ones and install the new ones the same day in most cases.