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Five Reason Why Your Automatic Garage Door Isn't Opening

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Being unable to open your garage door is frustrating, especially if you have an automatic opener that is supposed to make it easy. The following can help you troubleshoot the problem so you know whether or not you need a garage door replacement.

1. Photo Eye Issues

The photo eye is what picks up the signal from your garage door remote so that the door will open. If you can open the door using the wall-mounted button inside the garage, but the remote won't work even after changing the battery, then something may be obstructing the photo eye on the opener. Failing this, the photo eye may be misaligned. Locate it on the opener and check for issues.

2. Manually Disengaged

Every automatic opener has an option to manually disengage it so that you can open the door in the event of a power outage. This is usually accomplished by pulling a rope that separates the drive chain or pulley. The automatic opener won't function when manually disengaged. Fortunately, this is an easy fix. Simply hook the opener back up so that it will function properly again.

3. Motor Failure

If neither the wall button or the remote is opening the door, and there are no sounds coming from the garage door opener, then something has happened to prevent the motor from operating. Usually this is something minor, such as a blown fuse or a loose cord. If these aren't the culprit, the motor itself may have burnt out or seized. You need to have it inspected by a garage door service to see if you need to have a new motor installed.

4. Broken Spring

Most garage doors are opened and closed by large torsion springs. If these springs become overly stretched or break, your door won't open anymore. You can inspect the springs yourself to see if they appear damaged, but don't try to adjust them or replace them. These springs are under high tension and can cause a fatal injury if they break or come loose. Spring repairs should be left to professionals that have the training and tools to safely deal with them.

5. Track Issues

If your door tries to open then gets stuck, the issue is likely with the track. Tracks can become bent or warped, which means the door won't be able to open smoothly along them. Loose or out of alignment tracks, or tracks that are blocked by an object, can also prevent the door from opening. Fixing or clearing the track will fix the issue.

Contact a garage door service in your area so you can schedule a repair or a replacement.