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Tips For Keeping Insects Out Of Your Garage

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A garage is a transitional space between the outdoors and inside. So, it's more susceptible to insect invasions than other parts of your house. However, once the insects are inside the garage, they can more easily make their way into your house. Prevent them from gaining access to your garage so you can keep the pests at bay.

Seal Food Securely

As Yard and Garage points out, one of the main draws for any pest to enter your home is food and water. Well, you probably don't dine in your garage. However, you might store dry goods in the garage for future use. Make sure all the boxes and bags are intact. This fact is also true of pet food, which can attract insects and even mice.

What's more, you probably store your trash, including that from the kitchen, in the garage until trash day. Well, those scraps of food can be a haven for all sorts of insects. Store the trash bags in a sealed bin.

Replace the Garage Door Seal

Bins aren't the only items you should seal up. Many insects, such as cockroaches and silverfish, will eat items other than human food. So, you need to close off their main method of entry. Most insects enter by crawling under the garage door itself. That area needs to be sealed off.

You'll want a new seal, preferably a gasket style. You can remove the old seal and install the new one yourself. However, you can also ask your garage door repair shop to do so while you're having the door serviced.

Repair the Garage Door's Glass Panes

Speaking of, the area under the garage door isn't the only entry method for insects. They'll find a way to squeeze through any crack. These cracks might be located elsewhere on your garage door. Indeed, one of the prime areas for them is around glass panes in the door. Even the glass itself might become cracked.

Usually, the rest of the door is a solid piece, so the insects have to exploit tiny crevices around the glass panes. You can prevent this entry by inspecting the panes and other panels. Have them repaired or replaced if you see any issues.

Keep the Area Outside Clean and Dry

Remember, insects are also seeking out water. So, you want to keep the garage as dry and clean as possible. This task starts with the area directly outside the door.

Make sure no vegetation is growing near the garage door. Likewise, attend to any moisture problems you see right away. Not only will these areas of moisture attract insects, but they can also create issues for the door itself.

Block insects from entering your garage to keep it pest-free.