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What Causes A Garage Door To Be Crooked And The Repairs That Could Be Needed

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A crooked garage door is more than just a nuisance or an eyesore, it's a sign of a serious problem with your door that should be fixed before more damage is done or someone gets hurt. There are a few different things that can cause a garage door to become unbalanced and uneven. Since a door is so heavy and the spring is under tension, it's best to call a garage door repair service to check the door and make repairs. Here's why you want to have a crooked door repaired and what type of repairs it may need.

Why It's Important To Repair A Crooked Garage Door

Besides making your home look unattractive, a crooked garage door could be a security issue if one side is elevated enough to allow an intruder to slide under it. Even if the gap isn't large enough for a human, the gap might let a snake, rat, or another animal pest into your garage. Even more important is what an uneven garage door indicates. A crooked door could be a sign of trouble with the cable or springs, and those repairs need to be made promptly or your door may stop working.

What Causes A Garage Door To Be Uneven

A door can become uneven or crooked when it's unbalanced. This might happen due to problems with the lifting cables or spring that causes one side to lift higher than the other. Another reason a door can be uneven is when there's trouble with the tracks. If the track is bent or the rollers don't glide, one side of the track can get stuck and not move as fast as the other side.

What Repairs Might Be Needed

If the problem is with the garage door tracks or rollers, the garage door repair service can put on new rollers and fix or replace the tracks. This might require taking the door completely off the tracks to put in new tracks and align the door. The service might also have to replace a cable or spring if damage is seen. It's also possible the tension just needs to be adjusted if the parts are not damaged.

When a door has trouble going up and down, it puts strain on the whole system and other parts might get damaged the longer your door is in use. The repair person will check your door over thoroughly for other damages that might have occurred and make sure your door is in good shape by testing it when the work is done.

To learn more, contact a garage door repair service today.